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For some time now, I have thought about adding a dash cam to my car. Fortunately, I only had one incident where I could have used the recorded footage from a dash cam. While stopped at a red light, a car in the right lane next to me decided to jump in front of my car so they could get in the turning lane on my left. Long story short, the driver of the car scraped against the front end fender of my car and pulled part of it off of my car. I took a couple of photos of this car in front of me with my phone as we sat at the red light. I didn’t realize how bad the damage was until I could safely pull over and inspect my car. I sent the images to that driver’s insurance company after the police showed up and took our statements. Days after the accident, his insurance decided that my still pictures were inconclusive to the investigation, even though the officer on the scene agreed with my photos that the driver was at fault. Unfortunately, here in Florida, it is a No Fault state so it was hard to get the driver’s insurance to cooperate. It was my word against his.

ntersection collisions are the most dangerous. The company’s policy calls for drivers to come to a complete stop at red lights before they enter an intersection, even if they have their lights and sirens on – a step above state law, which only requires ambulances to slow down before entering an intersection, Hoburgy andy said.

Now, had I actual video of the incident then the other driver’s insurance could see the entire incident in real time and conclude to a better and formulated decision. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, according to the driver’s insurance agent, my photos begged too many questions than answers. This is where having video would have shown the entire incident from beginning to end. And having a dash cam such as the 12inch dash cam would have been the perfect solution for me during that time and I could have provided more than just a couple of still picture to show and prove how careless and at fault the other driver was.

We all have a list of features we’d like when it comes time to buy a new car. Perhaps yours includes a heated steering wheel or onboard Wifi, maybe a hands-free driving system.

Well, it seems that the most popular feature, according to a new study by research firm AutoPacific Inc., is a built-in dash cam. Fully 70% of the car buyers who participated in the annual Future Attribute Demand Study listed that as a must-have.

That probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, said the firm’s research analyst andy, noting “Consumers have experienced an influx of personal video in social and news media in recent years and are very familiar with the potential security benefits of camera footage from dash cameras, body cameras, cell phones and doorbell cameras. It’s really not surprising to see such high interest in an in-vehicle recording device.”

The 12inch dash cam Dual Dash Cam is a dash cam that can capture video and photos for you to have for future playback and viewing. This dual dash cam set comes with one camera that mounts to the front of the car and a second camera that mounts on the rear of the vehicle. The JOMISE Dash Cam can record HD video footage using the newer H.265 codec ranging from 720 to 4K resolution. The H.265 codec allows for a smaller file size than the previous H.264 codec. Although the front camera has several recording resolutions to choose from, the rear camera only records at 1080. This dash cam also has built-in GPS to log your driving speed and location, plus, it has WiFi capabilities as well allowing you to review, download, and share the recorded footage or photos on your smartphone via the LuckyCam app. You can also remove the Micro SD card (not included) and pop it into your computer or laptop and view the files on there as well


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